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Los Angeles



By India Witkin

November 2017

I have had so far, an amazing time with SULA. I feel like the other students in the program are “go-getters” much like myself, something I really respect and motivate to be like everyday. And its not just the students, its largely the staff and professors. After every class I want to burst out running, with a pen and notepad ready to take on the industry! (Seriously, I jot down a looong list of To-Do’s). I thought it would be hard managing the internships with classes, but they have surprisingly been complimentary to one and other. While I am at work I can utilize the things I have learned from my class on producing and creating a budget from the day before, or discuss Netflix’ new development slate during my lunch with the other interns. I’ve been really inspired by the alumni and speakers that have been gracious enough to come in and talk to us. They’re stories are fascinating, and I like that normal- sometimes lost, and struggling- but ambitious, smart and creative people come as well. They might not be Execs, and they’re most likely the bottom feeders in the industry, but in a few years (or decades) they’re going to be making great strides and its up to us to join their networks and connect with them personally. I’ve had the opportunity to go to a gigantic agency, work at a small production company, a huge media company, study amongst the smartest and most ambitious students from SU, and get to hang out on the beach on my time off, giving me the confidence to say that I will most definitely be back in Los Angeles to pursue my career in film and television.