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Los Angeles


SULA Experience

By Yirou Zheng

February 2018

I really enjoyed the life in LA in past three weeks. The atmosphere is very different compare to the life in Syracuse. I feel more intimate with faculties at here because of the small number of students. When I came to LA, I didn’t get an internship yet, and I failed every interview. Also, my car was still stuck in the snowstorm in NYC and waited to be tolled. Even though everything was not going well, Professor Howard was always there to help me and comfort me. She understands that as an international student, I have difficulties in language, and she is willing to help me with every single issue. The classes are wonderful as well. There are many real-life experiences related to the industry that professors shared, which may not often be heard in school. We also have many opportunities to meet industry professionals in class and visit companies like Netflix. I have a strong feeling of each one in SULA program wants to be professional in every class and events. We are not naïve children in school but entertainment industry’s newcomers who eagerly want to learn real skills.  LA is also a much more diverse place compare to Syracuse. As a Chinese student, I also enjoy Asian food and supermarkets here. I can also watch Chinese films in cinema. Overall, I am proud of myself for choosing the program and I wish that I can be more professional by the end of this semester.