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Los Angeles


Stay in LA LA Land

April 2017 | By Shuyi Jin

I’ve been LA a few times as a visitor, seeing the entertainment world from the outsider’s point of view and admiring everything about it, but SULA gives me the opportunity to dive into the industry and see the real world. The orientation week was like pouring information toward me, showing how awesome about this city and how important networking is in this entertainment industry. There are tons of alumni in this city and you would be surprise how small the town is that the person sit next to you might be an alumni or a person that knows some alumni. We’ve got a lot of guest speakers during our classes and also we get to go to universal, Netflix, CAA and all those cool places to meet cool people and maybe someone may get a job opportunity from it. We don’t have a campus anymore and we spend more time focusing on our intern most of the weekdays.

I’m interning a production company in Santa Monica for twenty hours per week. The most important things for the future SULAers, be aware of the distance from home to work!!! I spend one hour get to Santa Monica from where I live [20 miles] and one hour back after work. It is disturbing during the rush hour and even more disturbing when it’s raining. My intern is a little different since my boss don’t take scripts from others, so I don’t get to read scripts and write coverage or do any desk work, but I learn the developing process through doing researches and other works. Plus, the working environment is also really important.

A lot of the guest speakers say if you are not with certain characters, you are in the wrong industry, and I believe we make our own choices to head to our dreams. Once I thought I love snow so I choose to go to Syracuse University instead of California and now I know I want to stay in LA because SULA give me the opportunity to see the industry and due to the energy of this city. Now I’m spending half year study and interning in the entertainment industry, and I hope one day, I can work with all my future collages on some amazing projects in this LA LA Land.