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Los Angeles


My SULA Experience

April 2017 | By Amanda Ho

Hello! My name is Amanda Ho and I am a senior animation major. That being said, being a senior and being in the SULA program is definitely a challenge. I am away from all my friends back in Syracuse and was thrown into the world of bright lights, famous people, and lots and a lots of traffic. Before coming to LA, I knew close to nothing about the entertainment industry and after doing this program, I was able to get a ton of hands-on experience and learned more then I had previously thought I would. All of the SULA classes that I am taking have excellent professors who are both knowledgeable and passionate about their field. The Line producing class exposed me to the life of being a Line Producer and I learned how to read a script while taking notes, learned how to use those notes for scheduling a shooting day, and learned how to go location scouting (among many other things). In my cinematography class, I learned how to properly use a camera and lightning techniques suited for both people and sets for specific scenes. In my acting class, I learned how to act as well as how an actor thinks when they are preforming. Finally, I have a music video class which combines all that I have learned from my other classes in puts them to use through the full production process of making a music video.

Going back to how it’s like being a senior in this program, I felt like this was definitely a challenge for me. I was constantly juggling between my internship, classes/ homework (some classes have more than others and some had pretty much none at all), working on my senior animation project (the biggest project of an animation major’s student career), and finding the time for going out to lunch/ coffee chats with people. While managing all this, I also try to make the most out of being in Los Angeles by exploring different areas around LA and going to the SULA sponsored events such as the taping of various shows such as Whose Line is It Anyway?, America’s Got Talent, and Mom. That being said, all of this combined is what makes up my SULA experience and I had to make the difficult decisions of giving up certain things in exchange for something else. There were multiple times where I gave up working on my senior project in favor of LA exploration with my roommates which definitely made me take a hit progress wise. Had I not needed to worry about It, I think my SULA experience would probably have been even better. HOWEVER, despite this I still truly enjoyed being a part of the program and do not regret coming to LA during my senior semester at all. I feel like I already graduated during the Spring and this is just a transition phase that fits oh-so-perfectly in the process of growing up and being prepared for the “real world”.

5 stars to the SULA program!!!