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Los Angeles


My SULA Experience

By Jack Schwartz

March 2018

Just over a month into my SULA semester, I can already tell I’ve made the right decision. I was between going here and Florence for the semester. And while I would’ve loved to go to Florence for 4 months, I would’ve been stupid to pass up on this opportunity in terms of my future career goals in the film industry. My internship at Mandalay Sports Media has been a great learning experience, contributing all-around development and production assistance and working under a big producer like Mike Tollin has been invaluable. On top of the experience I’m gaining, I’m also having a great time here in LA. I’m getting along great with my 3 roommates, as well as becoming new friends with tons of people. Not to even mention the weather is incredible (especially compared to weather at Cuse). With less than 2 months under my belt in Los Angeles, I’m so excited to see what the next 2+ months have in store.