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Los Angeles


Living in LA as a Singer

By Bridget Toll

October 2017

My experience in LA so far has been pretty amazing. Being a singer/songwriter, going to school in Syracuse, NY wasn’t the best thing for me. There aren’t many opportunities for rising artists in the Syracuse area, and the whole music scene is pretty dead. However, LA has given me countless opportunities to work on my singing career and expand my network. Since the class schedule is light, I have so much free time to go to record in the studio and write music. I’m also interning at one of my favorite record labels, which is a dream come true for any artist. I’m hoping to become close with the people I work with, so we can hopefully work together down the road, and I can show them my music. Traffic in LA isn’t fun, but I don’t think it’s as bad as people say it is. As long as you have some good music in your car and you leave early, it’s not terrible. The only thing I can complain about LA is the possibility of an earthquake. After seeing what happened in Mexico, I’m pretty anxious about that. Especially since we are due for a massive one. Just praying that the Oakwood apartments are sturdy!!!