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Los Angeles


Knowledge for the future

May 2017 | By Julia DiSanti

This is going to sound very corny and possibly like a sales pitch, but hear me out: I can honestly say that I can’t imagine moving out to LA after graduation having not participated in SULA. I remember thinking that after all my Newhouse classes, I had at least some semblance of an idea of what living and working in Los Angeles would be like. I could not have been more wrong. Everything practical that I’ve learned about the industry has come from living and interning out here, not to mention the very specific classes that are only offered in LA.

I can’t compare a campus class to actually working in development during pilot season. Between daily script reading/coverage and the practical office skills that pretty much everyone needs to know to even think about working in the industry, I couldn’t have learned it anywhere else. The knowledge that I’m going to be taking back to school with me next year is invaluable, and I feel much better about my future knowing all that I know now when it eventually comes time to pack up and move back here for good.