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Los Angeles


Here and Now

By Matt Sacca

April 2018

Moving to Los Angeles—even for just one semester—was a big deal for me. Back in high school, I had wanted to go to college in LA before ultimately deciding to go to Syracuse; I even flew all the way out to California with my dad during my junior year of high school just so that I could have the privileged opportunity to take a tour of the University of South California. Despite only visiting for a single weekend, I was captivated by the sights, sounds, and seemingly endless potential for success present on the West Coast—even if my portfolio was nowhere near impressive enough to even think about applying. While Syracuse was always the best decision to suit my wants, needs, and skills at the time, something about California always stuck with me after my one-time visit. Coming back here—in my junior year of college, no less—has brought my entertainment career full-circle. From previously making small-scale, satirical short films in high school to currently serving as a Production & Development intern at Good Universe and a Development Executive at American High, it’s been a genuinely surreal experience to gain a newfound confidence in myself and slowly but surely, piece by piece, trace the evolution of my cinematic abilities and the trajectory of my career path over the course of four years. Tomorrow, I’m even going to have the opportunity to cover the assistant to the Executive Vice President’s desk at Good Universe for the entire day. Although I’m nervously lying in bed right now, toiling over the myriad ways that I could accidentally drop a call or transfer the wrong caller, I can confidently say that by the time I’m leaving work tomorrow, I will view my desk duties and overall internship as a fulfilling, greatly rewarding learning experience.