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Los Angeles


Beaches of LA

By Adam Sulkin

February 2018

My time so far in Los Angeles has been filled with memorable moments in memorable places. The beach has often been home to these memories, and never fails to provide the perfect setting for a relaxing day. In my five weeks’ time here, I’ve had the opportunity to visit Hermosa Beach, Manhattan Beach, Santa Monica, and Venice Beach all for at least a day, and haven’t had a negative experience yet. For anyone considering coming to Los Angeles for a semester/ summer, it’s important to get to know the many different beaches to visit, and know what to expect when planning your trip. My experience with these beaches is that until you’ve been once, you won’t know exactly what to expect. Venice and Santa Monica for example were much more crowded and commercial than Hermosa Beach, which felt like a laid-back coastal neighborhood by comparison. My time in Venice Beach exposed me to a lot of different skate parks and street shops reminiscent of 80’s-90’s Los Angeles/ West Coast culture. Santa Monica however had a lot of really cool restaurants and beautiful views, especially around the Santa Monica Pier. The West Coast has so many awesome spots to offer that you can’t really go wrong when you decide to go for a beach day. Having lived on the east coast my whole life, I had never been able to experience the Pacific Ocean and all the culture that comes with it.