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Los Angeles


Amazing experiences in SULA

By Airu Ma

March 2018

This is the third month I have lived in LA, life is getting more and more excited and organized. I started my intern at Karga Seven Pictures at the beginning of this semester. When applying for this intern, Professor Howard had told me that a former student in SULA had interned at this company before and that he really liked it here. It was indeed very nice here in Karga7: it’s a dog friendly office, so I work with many dogs every day, and people here are really kind and professional at the same time. As an intern, I do different things everyday: I sometimes write transcripts from a rough cut of a documentary, I write down the timecodes and record all the texts appear in the documentaries, and I have also been on set in an interview. Those working experience give me a feeling of really working in the entertainment industry. The courses here in SULA are also amazing. In my capstone class, Professor Ellman takes us to different entertainment companies every week, such as Netflix, CAA, and Sony. I have had deeper understandings of current media disruptions. In my acting class, I get the chance to act for the first time in my life. My acting partner, Dustin, was super nice, and we quickly got in to the mood of acting. On weekends, I usually watch movies and go to find great foods with my friends, I guess that’s one of the great things of big city. I feel really lucky being in SULA to have the opportunity to get so close to the film and TV industry and learn from so talented professors.