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Los Angeles



By Autumn Witz

October 2017

My experience in Los Angeles has been life long. I am a valley girl born and raised, so going into SULA for the first week of school felt surreal. It felt like I was entering a more advanced year of adult high school. The one thing I can note about my city is that it has changed drastically since I have been away. For example: I remember just two summers ago Hollywood Blvd being peacefully busy. Now, the Boulevard has more of a New York City/Times Square type of feeling. In the days before the Dolby Theatre replaced the Kodak, I remember having no problem walking by myself down the street, but now I would recommend, even at the college age, to have a buddy when going into Hollywood. It can be quite overwhelming, but still fun! The Friday before school started, I finished a summer long internship as an animation casting intern at Nickelodeon Animation Studios in Burbank. My internship for this semester will be at E! Entertainment in development/programming, which won’t start for another week. I am excited to work there, as I’ve never had experience in unscripted material before! As of now I am adjusting back to driving in California (which has been a process since May), home life/living with my parents for a prolonged period of time (which I haven’t done in a couple of years), school, adjusting to not having work almost every day of the week, and how to prepare for my new internship.