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Los Angeles


A challenging exploration

By Kehui Crystal Li

April 2018

As an international student, having internships in LA is a challenge as well as an exploration. In order to know more about the industry, I have two internships for the LA semester, one at an unscripted TV show production company and one at a film production company. Having two internships is definitely a challenge, but they also provide me lots of opportunities to learn from development to production. For the TV internship, my daily jobs are mostly doing research for the new shows and also helping the development department to prepare the treatment for their pitch. Besides that, I attend the weekly department meeting, get to know the process of pitching a show in the real world industry, and help the casting team to prepare the interview with potential candidates for new shows. My supervisor also introduces me to other departments such as production, gives me opportunities to attend their weekly meeting, and get to know their responsibilities on the ongoing shows. For the film production company, my basic jobs are reading scripts and writing coverages, which is common for most development internships in film production company. I also help the team to prepare for various film festivals such as SXSW and Tribeca, organize documents and checklists, and help to follow up the ongoing projects. Overall, having internships in another language and culture is very challenging, but they also provide me valuable experiences to explore the industry in this country and help me further find out my career goals.