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Los Angeles

Blog Entries

My LA Experience

There are so many fun and amazing things to do in LA! I would 100% recommend going to Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice and just walk up and down the streets. They have an amazing vegan restaurant called Fala Bar, which has the best kale burger of all time! If you have a chance I […]

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Here and Now

Moving to Los Angeles—even for just one semester—was a big deal for me. Back in high school, I had wanted to go to college in LA before ultimately deciding to go to Syracuse; I even flew all the way out to California with my dad during my junior year of high school just so that […]

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I’m Telling You to Take a Hike

The world can be split into two camps when it comes to nature: those who see hiking as a glorified walk and those like me who find it to be a rewarding pastime. I’ve found that hiking in between tiring work days, classes, and meetings nourishes my mind, body and soul in ways a yoga […]

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