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Los Angeles


7 Tips for Balancing Two Internships

When Director Howard mentioned that it was an option to participate in two internship programs as a part of the SULA program I knew I was in trouble. Did she recommend the time commitment? Not necessarily. Did I know I was inevitably going to take on the challenge? For sure.   I’m now halfway through […]

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A New Way to Get Around a New City

After moving to Los Angeles, I quickly realized how environmentally-friendly this city is. You’ll see many Tesla’s on the highway, and don’t be shocked if you’re handed a paper straw at a restaurant. And in case you didn’t know: plastic bags cost ten cents extra in the state of California. Los Angeles has significantly decreased […]

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LA’s Healthy Food Agenda

I am not going to lie. I come from a family of unhealthy eaters. We eat whatever we want, whenever we want. Everyone always tells me “it will catch up with you someday”. Well for my parents, that wasn’t until their late 40s. So, I have some time to enjoy my sweets and greasy foods. […]

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A Professor’s Lasting Impact

In January, I read a New York Times opinion piece that argued students learn better from teachers they admire and have built relationships with. These qualities, the piece argues, make for a better learning experience and cause the teacher to have a lasting impact on the student. When thinking about this, I had a difficult […]

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Whose Line Is It Anyway

The most interesting part of my SULA experience besides the thought-provoking classes and hands-on internships have definitely been the live tapings I have attended. This past Saturday I was fortunate enough to attend a taping of “Whose Line Is It Anyway?”, hosted by Aisha Tyler, along with 14 of my peers. This was my first time […]

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 The Perfect Final Chapter

When I first arrived on the west coast, my only points of reference were movie scenes and posts I’d liked on Instagram. Although the opportunity to go to Los Angeles for the semester sounded exciting, the decision to finish my degree in LA was honestly a difficult choice. As a last semester senior at Syracuse, […]

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The Broad

I’ve spent the past couple months in Los Angeles and, so far, one of my favorite experiences has been when I payed a visit to The Broad. The Broad is a massive public art museum in downtown Los Angeles filled with three stories of art from around the world. Surprisingly enough, the museum is free […]

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Burnt-Hills to Bur-bank

It’s impossible to describe what Southern California is like to a lifelong New Yorker. My roommate tried to convince me how much better life is on the west coast before I left Syracuse, but I brushed it off as hometown pride. Walking down the airplane steps, I took in the breathtaking mountains, skyline and California […]

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Just Go For It

I’ve learned that whenever you’re faced with a difficult decision involving the fear of trying something new, it is always best to just go for it. Even though I had my concerns about moving to Los Angeles, I knew I had to do it so that I could say that I did. And I am […]

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New Food Experiences

From the moment you land in LA, you are overwhelmed (in the best possible way) with new experiences. There was is incredible immersion into the industry faster than I ever imagined. From standing before the most influential people in the industry thanks to organized SULA events to being on a set with the one of […]

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