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Los Angeles

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NDA’s and SUV’s

As you may of heard, Los Angeles is the “city of stars”, but also the city of cars. It was certainly a jump in tempo from my life on the east coast, one that admittedly took some adjusting to. Traffic is a very real part of life, but you better be darned sure that after […]

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Dogs! Dogs Everywhere!

California is pretty sweet, and I’m really glad I’ve gotten to experience it. The traffic is not as bad as people say, at least to and from Oakwood and Culver City. Also, people bring their dogs with them to work. It’s awesome. The program is great, I’ve met some incredible people and learned so much. […]

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So far, I have had a wonderful experience in this program. SULA requires personal responsibility, integrity and ambition. You are constantly given guidance and hear personal stories meant to inspire and give students the strength and will to succeed. Everyone wants each other to fulfill their personal journey, and be exposed to the various opportunities […]

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