Across “el Charco”

Across “el Charco”

By Jose Blanco

The leap of faith is something that is almost inherent to the city of Angels. People here talk about their scripts, documentaries, start-ups, million dollar movie ideas, acting careers, at a day-to day basis; making dreams and what many would call ”irrational” ambitions more tangible than ever before. In LA, you always feel like you are in the brink of your break out role, of you jaw-dropping script, of your record-breaking album; it’s something in the somewhat polluted air and beautiful Californian sun.

Well, I took this leap of faith. I crossed el charco, like my friends would say in Spanish at a bar approximately 3,345 miles away from LA county. That bar resides in an island far away, Puerto Rico, my home. Many of us back home are crossing el charco, the Atlantic Ocean, all in hopes of better opportunities.

While in high school, I always enjoyed distracting myself during class. Often, in my dreams of pursuing a career as a writer, I would ask myself if it were possible for all of my friends to make it if I ever did. I asked myself how many of Woody Allen’s friends wanted to be filmmakers just like him, I asked myself if Woody asked himself the same question when thinking about Ingmar Bergman. I always felt that the probabilities of having an artistic career were overwhelmingly stacked against me.

Well, to be honest, it feels like that is what LA embodies. This city has a secret language of success whizzing through the opportunities that present themselves everyday in this gargantuan metropolis. 3,345 miles and 5 years past that worrisome high school senior, I feel like odds against me dwindle with each passing day that I spend out here in the city of Angels. I know that Woody wasn’t the biggest fan of this great city, but I feel that I understand now more than ever what he meant when he said that “80% of success is showing up.”