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Los Angeles

Drew Ferrante

For the past three decades, Drew Ferrante has been instrumental in achieving success for various companies in almost every division of the Music Industry. A “lifer” in the world of music, Drew became a musician at an early age, played in bands throughout his teens, and ran his own successful professional recording studio by the time he was 20. While engineering and producing countless regional acts, his own band was signed to a major recording contract, and he was hired to co-produce their major label debut album which, unfortunately, was never released.

Desperate to understand how the major labels operated, he switched gears, spending the next 12 years “inside” the music industry, with various A&R, Marketing and Promotion positions at MCA Records, Columbia Records, Chaos Recordings, The Work Group, and Epic Records. He was then recruited to help rebuild and revive the Walt Disney Company’s Hollywood Records label. After several years, and a successful relaunch of the Disney Music Group, he was offered a unique opportunity to help build and run the independent Connoisseur Records label.

With piracy causing record labels to downsize, he opted to switch to the tech-driven side of the industry, joining Yangaroo, Inc., the Entertainment Industry’s leading Digital Media Distribution company, where he continues to assist Major Entertainment companies to make the most out of digital distribution. As their Senior Vice President of Business Development, he has been instrumental in the creation of their Yangaroo Awards Solutions, and has helped secure deals for The Grammy Awards (NARAS), The Golden Globes (HFPA), The Academy of Country Music Awards, The Emmy Awards (NATAS), the MTV Music and Video Awards, the BET Awards, and many more, moving them from traditional paper balloting to a secure online streaming and voting solution.

In his “spare” time, he feeds his creative side as an Engineer, Producer, and Mixer, having mixed or re-mixed several #1 songs by Miley Cyrus, Jesse McCartney, and Breaking Benjamin.