A Los Angeleno Explains Our Ways:

A Los Angeleno Explains Our Ways:

By Daniella Rasho

As a lifetime Los Angeleno I’m fully aware of the stereotypes that come with the territory. Moving from the West Coast to the East Coast was a full-blown culture shock, no exaggeration. What was the norm to me was deemed completely otherworldly to my Syracuse University peers. It’s good to finally feel at home, and in my element. I thought I’d impart some of my California wisdom onto those who are thinking of spending some time in the Golden State. I’ve asked a few friends what “California” stereotypes they want explained or debunked and here are the results:

  1. Why do you guys smile all the time?

We may not be the official Sunshine State, but we might as well be. What we lack in precipitation we gain in sunlight, and in turn Vitamin D. Researches say weather and moods are interlinked, although the drought has left us in questionable geographic conditions, the sun’s presence has kept our serotonin levels reasonably high.

  1. Why do people love Avocadoes and Mexican food so much?

Well, California used to be Mexican Territory up until 1848. The state has adopted the dish from its ancestors and has refined it with the advancements our neighbors in Mexico have made in recent years. Additionally, Avocadoes are a custom in California. While New York’s got pizza and apples, and Louisiana’s got beignets and Creole food; similarly, California has avocadoes and Mexican food. Fallbrook, CA is the Avocado capital of the world. THE WORLD. Of course we’re obsessed when we have the best of the best.

  1. Why aren’t you afraid of earthquakes?

Us Californians have been “stopping, dropping, and rolling” since Pre-School drill days. We’ve been preparing for the “Big One” our whole lives. While most people have lost socks under their beds, we have liters of water, earthquake insurance, flashlights, and gym shoes handy for the earthquake. It’s become second nature, just like ignoring a rat spotting on the Subway.

  1. Why do people only care about kale when there are other leafy greens out there?

While kale has become a trend, the title does come with a lot of merit. Kale is among the most nutrient dense foods on the planet. AKA, you get more bang for your buck. We’ve got your antioxidants, your vitamin C, K, your beta-carotene and so much more. It’s also pretty versatile in the kitchen.

  1. Lastly, it’s “California” not “Cali.” This is singlehandedly the #1 to out yourself as a tourist or a transplant.