A Land of Opportunity

A Land of Opportunity

By Lee Shearin

My time in LA was especially marked by one very specific place, the Regal Place In-N-Out. From my first meal in LA to countless other visits, there was something different about this establishment. It’s the buns. They are slightly toasted, which to me is a complete and total fast food game changer. I loved In N Out, but I felt certain things were missing from my personal ideal burger.

My first time, I thought I was a complete and total badass because I knew to order my burger, 2×2 “animal-style”. The secret “spread” is a heavenly substance and elevated the flavor of my burger to near biblical proportions, but there was still something missing. As America is the land of choice, I decided to be brave and change the formula of what I previously thought was a near perfect burger.

I asked for no pickles, and instead asked for hot peppers. I thought the cashier was going to strike me down then and there. I wanted to explain that I love pickles, but that on a burger they overpower all other elements and that I was instead craving a bit of heat. To my absolute shock he replied, “Sure”, as if nothing was strange. It was then and there that I realized, “why wouldn’t I be able to make it exactly the way I want it? At the end of the day In N Out is here to serve my needs.”

It is with this attitude, that I entered my first day of my internship. I was fortunate enough to come into the semester with two awesome internship opportunities. One of them was well known among my peers and equally well reviewed. The other was a bit more ambiguous, but promised a lot of writing opportunity. As an aspiring screenwriter, I went with the one that offered me more writing experience. What a mistake I had made.

The place I had chosen was nothing like it had promised and I did not mesh with any of my co-workers. While a great option for some, I knew it was the wrong option for me. So, with the spirit of In-N-Out in my belly, I wondered, “At the end of the day this internship is to serve me, why can’t I have it exactly like I want?” So I took a risk, and with no small amount of courage, I emailed the company I had previously turned down and admitted that I made a mistake and asked for help. They begrudgingly accepted to take me on and I am now having the experience of a lifetime. I am working at the proverbial jalapeno double cheeseburger of the internship world and I couldn’t be happier. I choose to at least try to live the best version of my life, but sometimes it just takes a bit of bravery, and putting yourself out there in order to do it.