A City of Magic

A City of Magic

By Yilin Pei

I have never imaged that I can enjoy such fabulous life in Los Angeles! Sunshine, beaches, Grammy, Oscar, I am entirely surrounded with all of these meaningful and memorable things. Meeting with Syracuse alumni, attending various panels, hanging out with the residents at MPTF, all of these experiences have really opened my eyes and make me closer to my dreams.

People here are humorous, interesting and confident. Everyone is helpful. I used to assume that all Hollywood people are hypocritical and overweening. After feeling that they genuinely try to tell me the secret of success, help me grow up and answer my questions, I am totally touched and feel so lucky to be one of the members here.

Life is busy but meaningful in Los Angeles. Interning in the daytime and having classes after work help me use my time wisely. Learning knowledge from classes while figuring out what is really going on in the real world, I am really chasing my dream in a much more effective and critical way.

I intern in a production company, small but helpful. Helping creative producers to do research, write interview questions and make fact checks are my daily works in the office. Helping UPM, DP, and AD are my works on set. Switching between the office and the set gives me a lot of opportunities to learn about pre-production, production and post production. I just get more confident about myself without being terrified of real entertainment industry.

Just come to LA, a city of magic. Maybe the life will be a bit tough, a bit challenged and a bit overworked. But how can you achieve your dreams without going beyond yourself? Just come to Los Angeles, conquer the world!