33 Days

33 Days

By Trevor Gill

I’m warning you now; my next sentence, is going to be an extreme cliché. In the 33 days that I’ve been living in Los Angeles, I’ve made some incredible memories, met some of the most accomplished people in the business, made what I know will be life-long friendships, had hands on experience at my internship…and got a sweet tan (I had a streak of 9 consecutive days attending either a pool or hot tub session. I’m the Joe Dimaggio of “The Oakwood” pool.)

After driving cross-country with my Dad to get out here, I was extremely excited, but also had no idea what I was getting into. After 48 hours of being here, my fears were turned into more excitement about what this place has to offer. Being in a program of around 40 kids, all coming from the same place, made the transition so much easier. The driving was my biggest concern, and after one time cruising down The 101, I was golden. (Notice I said “The 101”, people here place “the” in front of all the freeways, and I love it. When I get back to SU next year, I will forever call it, “The 81”.) Back to the story.

SULA has been such an incredible program in all aspects. My professors are all extremely successful, interactive and approachable. They make class actually fun, because they teach from the inside perspective, and engage students by putting us in real life situations. For example In TV Nation with Bruce Perlmutter, the class is divided into Writers, Producers, and Network Executives. The writers pitch shows to the producers (who have a budget) who then choose to purchase shows they like. Then the executives choose what shows they want on their network. In Writer’s Journey with Julie and David Chambers, we’ve had It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia Writer and Co-Executive Producer Scott Marder visit our class. Last night we had Writers from How I Met Your Mother, Craig Gerard and Matthew Zinman. The point is SULA exposes you to so many real world experiences, and such successful and inspiring people.

My internship has been hands on from day one. I am interning at Bunim/Murray Productions. They are the creators of The Real World, Project Runway, Keeping Up with the Kardashians, Best Ink, and many others shows you secretly watch but don’t tell people. The internship program has been fantastic because I’m able to rotate through various departments from development, to casting, to production, and everything in between. I started off my first three weeks getting hands on production experience in the digital department. I was on set, running around, being the “slate guy”, running the teleprompter, mic’ing people up, gathering props, adjusting camera shots, and anything else they needed done. It was unexpected, yet rewarding, to actually have a roll in a production from day one. Now I’ve moved onto the casting department, which is very interesting. I’m learning new things every day.

What’s also great is that our weekends are free, so we’re able to travel around town. We’ve been to Venice Beach, Santa Monica, Malibu (El Matador beach, highly recommend), Hollywood Blvd, and other spots. This Sunday we’re heading to the Clippers/76ers game to see Michael Carter-Williams face Chris Paul. I can’t wait.

I came to LA to see if this is a place I could possibly see my self-living out of college. I knew I had to see what it was all about, because as everyone knows, a lot of the entertainment jobs are out here. I answered yes to that question probably six days in. I love New York, (and Mom if I you’re reading this, if I move out here, I’ll come back) but this place is freaking awesome. To anyone thinking of coming out here for a semester, just do it.  You won’t regret it. And if this whole story didn’t convince you, check out this site à http://www.weather.com/weather/today/Los+Angeles+CA+USCA0638:1:US