Hands down the single best decision

Hands down the single best decision

By Linda Hong

Class of 2014

Televison, Radio, and Film

Coming out to LA for a semester was, hands down, the single best decision I made in college. As a TRF major and someone who wants to work in the entertainment industry, I knew that the SULA program was something I had to do. My internship here with Green Hat Films has been a fun and informative sneak peek into what a fast-paced production company in Hollywood is like. My internship is located on the Warner Brothers lot, which means only a 3-minute drive from the Oakwood! A typical day at the office consists of answering phones and reading screenplays to write coverage for the producers. It’s exciting and nerve-wracking when one of the producers calls you into his office to talk about a script, but it’s a great feeling to know that your opinion matters. Every day at the office is an opportunity for me to learn. From the weekend reads I sometimes get invited to be a part of to any phone call I decide to eavesdrop on, I learn so many little details about the industry or screenwriting.

There are so many advantages and amazing opportunities for students in the SULA program. Just last weekend, a handful of us got to go to the American Music Awards as seat-fillers. I got to see people like Katy Perry, Justin Timberlake, and Miley Cyrus perform. THAT’S LIKE A FREE CONCERT!!! Award shows and sitcom tapings aren’t the only perks to the SULA program. We also have guest speakers and alumni come to some of our classes. Every speaker that has come to talk to us has been so beneficial to us students. The number one thing you should do with your time in LA is take advantage of every opportunity you are given.

Prior to coming to LA for the semester, I was on the fence about whether I’d stay in New York or move to LA after graduation. Now that I’ve spent 3 months in California, I know that I need to come back to Los Angeles as soon as I can after I graduate.